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moe. Live at The Ballroom - Bonnaroo Music Festival on 2002-06-22

by moe.

Topics Live concert

Plane Crash, Jam > Mexico, new Chuck song > Kyle > Livin' Again* > Meat** Captain America > Recreational Chemistry#^ > Happy Hour Hero > Seat Of My Pants > Sensory Deprivation Bank > Four## > Rebubula^^

E: Low^%, Bring It Back Home^%

* With "Creep" (Radiohead) tease.
** With Robert Randolph on pedal steel guitar.
# With Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits on bass and keyboards for part of jam. Without Rob.
^ With Michael Travis of String Cheese Incident on percussion for part of jam.
^^ With Brandon Bayliss from Umphrey's McGee on Guitar
## With "Baby Elephant Walk" (Harry Mancini) tease.
% With Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident on mandolin.

Collection moe
Band/Artist moe.
Date June 22, 2002
Venue The Ballroom - Bonnaroo Music Festival
Location Manchester, TN

Source (FOB) Neumann KM140s > Lunatec V2 > Sony SBM-1 > DAT@ 44.1
Lineage Tascam DA20mkII > Delta Dio 2496 > Soundforge 6.0 > CDwav > MKWact > .shn
Taped by Matt Lazor
Transferred by Brian Voelz


bo13.jpgPhoto by Greg Scheller


Reviewer: playitleo - - February 8, 2012
Subject: Yet another tease...
Great show, great quality. I'm not a huge moe. fan, but there is no denying the exemplary quality of the recording, and the musicianship of this show. The myriad guest appearances elevate this performance to a level appreciable by any jam-ophile. Just as Happy Hour Hero segues into Seat of My Pants there is an unmistakable tease of George Benson's "Broadway" that is reprised about 3:45 into Seat of My Pants, at which time the crowd responds to the call. Great moment...great show.
Reviewer: heffe - - May 31, 2008
Subject: downloading .shn
bisco18 - these are "shorten" format, a lossless music file format. you can download them now, but won't be able to open them through windows media. i have used a program called mkw tool to open them- which i don't have anymore, but it was a free download. just plug in "shorten files" or ".shn" to a google search and it should pull up instructions and a link to program(s) that will convert them for you to a windows-friendly format ... hope that helps! enjoy yer moe.!!!
Reviewer: bisco18 - - May 30, 2008
Subject: how?
how do you download these songs.?
Reviewer: DontFwithFLO - - January 10, 2007
Subject: The Cream
I have never had more fun in my life then at this show.

Few Highlights:
Meat w/R.Randolph - never had heard of him at this point and he comes out wearing some football jersey i believe. i was like who the heck is this guy. then he goes on to totally melt my face off.

Plane Crash - whole place was rocking.

Mexico - "5pm were still and our feet","I'm a million miles away from home", "I dont even know where i am" that pretty much sums up the whole 4 days

All the other great sit-ins.

great banter - Al saying the are gonna play til the sun comes up at the end of the first 2+ hour set, Rob "Bonnerzoo" & "Black Bogger" comments.

Do yourself a favor and just download the entire show.
Reviewer: ramsaaa - - November 16, 2006
Subject: UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!
This was my first moe. show, along with many MANY others and all that really needs to be said is this was an unreal show, sick, just fantastic musicianship... I have gone to every moe. show I could get within a couple states of since this show... including driving to 35 hours to Vegas to catch new years...

thank you moe. SO VERY MUCH...
Reviewer: time_ed - - September 28, 2006
Subject: holy crap!
I was at this show, and for a 5-hour gig, they didn't lose me once. After it was all over, I was so tired from dancing that i almost passed out walking back to camp. What energy! What musicianship! This show is the essence of the jam scene, and it is only fitting that the best jamband out there delivered it to us. Thanks guys.
Reviewer: dead_head_josh - - July 3, 2006
Subject: Best show I have ever seen.
Well if you were there then you already know why you are getting this show. It was like 1:15am and I was hanging out at a buddies RV. I just kept hearing this roar and this crazy sound. So I wandered. I stumbled onto MOE. completely tearing apart Bonnaroo. That show epitomized the weekend to say the least. This is the best Moe. concert I have ever been to, heard, bought. THis is a must have for music lovers. Not just moe. lovers. Be sure to d/l this show and give it out freely. PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR THIS!
Reviewer: TheHelpingFriendlyJohn - - February 9, 2006
Subject: It's Da Best!!
This is the show that introduced me to the whole scene. I first found it on and it just blew me away. Since then moe. has become my favorite band. Music doesn't get any better than this. It's hard to find a high point b/c the whole show is so good. It's got new songs, perfect versions of classics and guests up the anus. Can't wait for snoe.down! What
Reviewer: hipschoolpreppy - - October 18, 2005
Subject: nice
this is some of the sickest moe. i had the first two disks but now i am complete
Reviewer: ARBOER02 - - August 30, 2005
This show is the greatest show I have ever heard in all aspects of the word music. That night a special kind of moe came out and kicked some major ass. The effects, jams, and set list was perfect. If you love moe and don't have this then you don't love moe. This is a show anyone who loves the scene and this type of music should have in their collection. I'm not even going to pick out certain songs....they played on point for everysong and it was definatly a tripped out show.

Black boogers boogers, that's all I have to say
Reviewer: benkreuter - - June 8, 2005
Subject: amazing
this is a fucking sick show... all you kids listen itll blow your fucking brains out moe is the best band on the scene right now
Reviewer: Stop28 - - January 31, 2004
Subject: Great show!
first of all, mr john the sloth. I hope you aren't actually as crazy as you sound in your review. If you are, then you need serious help. people make mistakes man, that's why pencils have erasers. comments like that could maybe fly in the pop music scene, but we jam heads have to maintain a higher degree of respect and understanding. anyways, back to the show. SOOOOOOO good. the best moe. i've ever heard. chemistry is supremely stellar and the little jump ins from talents like michael kang turn this bonaroo super jam into a show for the history books. btw, the sound is better on this one vs. the other source contained in the archive.
Reviewer: john the sloth - - January 30, 2004
Subject: Have you no respect?
Who is Brandon Bayliss? There is no member of Umphrey's McGee named Brandon Bayliss. I know of a Brendan Bayliss who plays with Umphrey's McGee....but a Brandon Bayliss? Hmm...let's be more careful next time...mmmkay? SHOW SOME RESPECT YOU ALIEN SCUM!!!!
Reviewer: JLuV - - January 5, 2004
Subject: Moe like never befo'
Never heard Moe like this. This show is absolutely incredible. Great version of Mexico, crowd went wild over Plane Crash, and the jams were out of this world. This is a must-download. Can't say enough about this performance.
Reviewer: moe.ron111 - - July 23, 2003
Subject: Best Show I Have
Quite simply, this 4 disc show from Moe.'s two sets at Bonnaroo 2002 is the best live show I own. Every song is a classic version of that song, wowing the masses with infectious guitar licks and intense solos. The guests honestly add to the strength of the performance, and only bolster what is a definitive live show in the jamband/rock and roll genre. Definitely my "desert island" show.
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